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01 Mar '15

Choosing the Proper Carry System

Posted by Robert Perrotta


            I often times get asked, which carry system is the best choice for concealed carry. This is a rather difficult question to answer, as many seasoned concealed carriers know, finding the perfect carry system takes time. Many of us have entire drawers or boxes dedicated to past holsters that just didn't work out. Not everyone is the same, what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing when choosing a carry system is determining what exactly it is you plan to do with the holster. Many factors can come into play such as; the type of clothing you wear and possibly most importantly the type of firearm you plan to conceal. If you find yourself in a profession that requires you to wear suits often, you may not want to carry your firearm in a pancake holster. Not to say this cannot be done, as perhaps your suit jacket will fully cover your daily carry. But odds are, at some point in the day you’re going to have to take your suit jacket off. Personally, I find pancake holsters to be the most comfortable. I have two daily carries, one that I use while working, and the other, when I am running errands or just out and about town. I have good reason for carrying different firearms on different occasions. I choose to carry a Ruger LCR .357 Magnum while delivering pizzas. The reason being, and I don't need the spiel about modern ballistics making the caliber debate null and void, I get it, this is personal preference, I prefer the larger caliber bullet over my .380 LCP while at work, the extra firepower just makes me feel safe. In case you guys haven't heard, pizza delivery is the third most dangerous job in the country, 3rd only to police and fire. Because of the type of clothing I wear at work, even in the summer, concealing the LCR in a pancake is easy and quite honestly more comfortable than an IWB. Getting in and out of my car constantly made carrying an IWB difficult and uncomfortable. When I am off the clock, I carry an LCP .380, either in a pocket, or, as of late, in a pancake holster. The small frame makes both methods of carry easy and comfortable. Don't get me wrong, IWB carry has its place and when coupled with the proper firearm, can be comfortable, IWB, is quite frankly the best option, hands down for concealment. But you cannot expect to buy a full size GLOCK, or duty style pistol, and conceal it in an IWB and not experience some level discomfort. With that said, it is important to keep in mind, carrying a firearm isn’t meant to be comfortable, it’s meant to keep you safe. One of the biggest and most important things to consider when choosing a carry system, besides the type of firearm you will be concealing, is what type of belt you will couple the holster with. So many people fail to realize just how important a good gun belt is. I constantly see guys, and gals, purchase thousand dollar guns, spend hundreds on custom gunleather and then slap it all on department store belts and wonder why they are experiencing discomfort or are unable to conceal the firearm the way the maker said the holster would. It’s simple physics, you need a sturdy gun belt to hold up the weight of your firearm and keep it in place, no matter how small or large it may be. A proper gun belt, will ensure the pistol stays in place on your hip, where it should be, and most importantly where you placed it when you put the holster one. A cheap belt can allow the holster to shift and move. A good belt won’t roll, sag or stretch either, all this ensures a proper draw each and every time. Case and point, don’t skimp on a gun belt. So here’s the run down, when choosing a holster, make sure you couple it with a decent belt, decide what the holster will be used for, and determine which style of holster you can best conceal under the clothing you wear.