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English Bridle Work Belt

English Bridle Work Belt

$ 30.00

Made from 16 oz English Bridle, a high strength and durable, wax stuffed, drum dyed leather, used for reins, collars, and other equestrian needs, these belts are ready to stand up to whatever you throw at them. Each belt is cut to order and made by hand, these aren't your average department store belts. Whether you're looking for an affordable alternative to a more expensive CCW belt, or just need a good work belt, this is the belt for you.

At checkout, please leave in the comments, your belt length. For an accurate a measurement, measure from the tip of the belt clasp to the most used hole on an old belt. This measurement will be used for the center hole on your new belt. Belts are made with 5 holes, if you would like more, please specify. Refer to the picture below for details and instructions for measurement.

Important note: When purchasing a gun belt it is best that you take a measurement from a belt previously used to carry your firearm. Measure from the tip of the clasp to the hole utilized while carrying the firearm. If you are purchasing your belt for an IWB holster, for best fit, adorn your holster and an old belt, mark the belt hole and then measure. This will ensure your new belt will accommodate your waist with or without your firearm.

Belts are drum dyed at the tannery, so matching them to a Red's holster exactly may not be possible. Available in brown and black.


Because these require less assembly than my other belts, turn around is typically 1 week.