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Handmade Gun Belts

Handmade Gun Belts

$ 80.00

Red's custom gun belts are handmade from two pieces of Herman Oak veg tanned leather. Made with an 8 oz body and 6 oz lining, these double stitched belts will not only stand up to the rigors of daily carry but they will look good doing it too! Belts are by far one of the most important, yet overlooked pieces in a concealed carry system. A good solid belt helps aid not only in comfort but with, concealment, smooth draws and holstering as well.  Unlike department store belts, which are known for stretching, rolling, and tearing our two piece belt will last for years to come.

At checkout, please leave in the comments, your belt length. For an accurate a measurement, measure from the tip of the belt clasp to the most used hole on an old belt. This measurement will be used for the center hole on your new belt. Belts are made with 5 holes, if you would like more, please specify. Refer to the picture below for details and instructions for measurement.

Important note: When purchasing a gun belt it is best that you take a measurement from a belt previously used to carry your firearm. Measure from the tip of the clasp to the hole utilized while carrying the firearm. If you are purchasing your belt for an IWB holster, for best fit, adorn your holster and an old belt, mark the belt hole and then measure. This will ensure your new belt will accommodate your waist with or without your firearm.